Thor Helical Twist Nails are used for fixing door frames and window frames to bricks or blocks walls.  The self-tapping helical fixings are hammered like a nail and grip like a high performance masonry screw.  The hammer impacts are provided by a setting tool in a SDS hammer-drill.  The fixings are driven through wooden frames and into the bricks or blocks.

Door frames are traditionally fixed to walls using wall plugs and screws.  For anyone who has used plugs and screws they will know that it is an unreliable hit-and-miss process that often needs to be repeated to get a good fix.  Additionally the repeated opening and closing of a door can result in the plug and screw arrangement working loose.

The Twist Nail offers a a quick, easy and reliable alternative to using wall plugs and screws.  A tiny 4.5mm pilot hole is drilled through the timber and into the brick or concrete block wall.  The fixing is driven into the hole whereupon it corkscrews through the wooden frame and into the brickwork.  The resulting mechanical fix grips both the wood and the masonry. Installation rates are much quicker and the reliability of each fixing is greatly improved.

The use of an SDS hammer-drill adapter to provide rapid lightweight hammer blows makes fixing door frames much quicker than can be achieved by using plugs and screws. When fixings softwood frames to autoclaved aerated concrete blocks the fastener can be installed even faster, as there is no need to drill a pilot hole.  Thor Helical recommend that the fixings are used in pairs at 450mm centres.