Fixing insulation to concrete soffits / ceilings

Thor Helical manufacture the Insofast ISF35 anchor for fixing insulation to concrete soffits and structural ceilings. The ISF35 has been designed specifically for use with fire rated insulating boards in fire-resistant applications.

Insulated concrete soffit liners eliminate the risk of condensation, improve the thermal efficiency of a buildings insulated envelope and increase acoustic absorption to concrete car park soffits. As the boards need to be fire-rated it stands to reason that the anchors that hold them in place must also be resistant to fire. With the trend leaning towards using thicker insulation to improve insulating values, the provision of effective soffit board insulation systems becomes more of a challenge.

The ISF35 is a one-piece fire-proof fastener that is ideal for fixing insulation to concrete soffits and ceilings. It has a 7mm diameter helical shank that fixes to concrete and a 35mm diameter perforated head that clamps the board in place. The large head anchor is available in stainless steel and zinc plated carbon steel versions.

The helical fixing is driven into structural concrete via a 6mm pilot hole. The work hardened fins cut small groves into the concrete ceiling as the tie corkscrews in to deliver a high performance mechanical fixing. Use a 5mm hole for brick or concrete block. To fix simply drill the pilot hole and hammer the fixings in using a series of light blows. A handy SDS hammer-drill adapter is available for fixing insulation to concrete soffits and structural ceilings at greater speed and with reduced labour.

Standard lengths available: 110mm, 145mm, 170mm, 200mm, 225mm and 250mm

Thor Helical concrete soffit board fixings are supplied in cartons of 400 and packed in bags of 20.

What makes the Thor Helical concrete soffit fixing a cut above the rest?

  • 10mm2 helical shank for reduced cold bridging – 25% less CSA than Hilti, ITW or Fischer 8mm tubular fixings
  • Contact area just a fraction of that offered by tubular fixings
  • High performance = less fixings, less labour and less cold bridging
  • Highly versatile in a wide range of construction materials
  • Small pilot hole for minimal detritus
  • Rapid SDS hammer insertion