Drywall fasteners for fixing insulated plasterboard laminates

Thor Helical manufactures the Insofast 18A, a fire resistant mechanical fastener for fixing insulated plasterboard laminates to brick and block walls.  These metal plasterboard insulation fixings ensure the stability of laminated gypsum boards in the event of a fire, preventing escape routes from becoming blocked.

Insulation backed plasterboard is generally fitted to masonry walls with drywall adhesive, using nailable plugs (nails that are housed within expanding plastic wall plugs ) as secondary fixings. It is obvious to most that plastic fixings do not have a great record at being fireproof.

To overcome this problem Thor Helical have designed and developed the ISF18A fastener for mechanically fixing insulated plasterboard to walls. The ISF18A is a one-piece fire-proof insulation fixing. It has a self-tapping helical shank that fixes to masonry and a dished head that indents into plasterboard, recessing into the gyproc layer without tearing the paper surface.

The anchor drives directly into aircrete blocks. A 4-5mm pilot hole is recommended for brick and aggregate concrete block. A 6mm pilot hole may be required when fixing to structural concrete or engineering brick. When fixing insulated plasterboard over existing wall plaster, use longer fixings to obtain the necessary embedment in the masonry backing.

Thor Helical plasterboard insulation fixings are supplied in cartons of 400 and packed in bags of 20. These mechanical fixings for plasterboard insulation laminates may be used in conjunction with dot and dab adhesive (3 per board) or in place of it (12 to 18 per board).

To fix simply drill a pilot hole and hammer the fixings in using a series of light blows from a rubber mallet. A handy SDS adapter is available for fixing insulated plasterboard at greater speed to reduce labour costs in internal solid wall insulation upgrades.

Standard lengths available: 65mm, 85mm, 105mm, 125mm, 145mm and 170mm

What makes the Thor Helical plasterboard insulation fixing cut above the rest?

  • Fully fire resistant mechanical fixing – 100% metal fastener with no plastic components.
  • Suitable for all types of masonry
  • Patented precise pitch design delivers a helix consistency with unrivaled performance.
  • Patented dished head for recessed finished
  • Available in galvanized and stainless steel versions
  • Tiny CSA of just 10mm2 minimizes cold bridging