Batten Frame Fixings

Rapid installation timber to masonry fixings.  Ideal for fixing timber battens, door frames, sole plates and gate posts securely to all types of brick, block and masonry.



Thor Helical batten frame fixings are high speed hammer driven fasteners.  The metal fixings secure timber battens, wooden frames, studs and sole plates to brick, block and concrete without need to plug or screw.

These zinc plated spiral anchors corkscrew through the timber and self-tap into masonry to deliver a quick, reliable and cost effective method of fixing gate-posts, door frames or battening out for dry-lining.

To install batten frame fixings holes are drilled through the timber and into the masonry using a 4mm to 5mm pilot bit, depending on the hardness of the masonry.  The length of the drill hole is at least 5mm greater than the length of the fixing. The unique driving shank at one end of the tie is loaded into a recessed SDS setting tool that confines and aligns the fastener. It is driven through the wood and into the wall using the impact action of the SDS rotary hammer drill. The fixing grips in both timber and the masonry without expansive stress, point-loadings or adhesion.

No pilot hole is needed if fixing battens to Celcon, Thermalite or lightweight thermal blocks.  The fixing can be driven straight in.

Batten frame fixings are supplied in boxes of 2500 and packed in resale bags containing 100 nails plus 1 patented SDS setting tool.

Thor Helical batten frame fixings are available in zinc plated 8.8 high tensile steel

Engineered with precise pitch technology, these patented helical fixings are available in lengths of:

  •   75mm fixing for 25mm timber to brick (use this size for fixing 38mm sole plate to concrete)
  • 100mm fixing for 25-38mm timber to brick
  • 125mm fixing for 38-50mm timber to brick
  • 150mm fixing for 38-50mm timber to brick



Product Attributes
Ultimate Tensile Strength => 5.5kN
Load at 0.2% Proof Stress => 4.9kN

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