WHO 60 Grout

WHO 60 grout is a polymer-modified cement-based mortar designed for bonding helical bars and anchors into brick, block and stone.  The high-performance grout has enhanced compressive, tensile and flexural strength. Tub yields 3L


WHO 60 grout is a polymer-modified cement-based mortar designed for bonding metal bars and anchors into brick, block and stone. This high-performance masonry repair grout has been used for independent testing of Thor Helical bars. This includes its use by the BRE in its test program of retrofit bed joint reinforcement systems for forming deep masonry beams with retrofit helical bars.  The test report states that the BRE load tables are only applicable with the use of WO-60.

When the cement / polymeric resin powder component is mixed with the liquid component it yields 3Lts of smooth and cohesive thixotropic masonry repair grout that is ideal for bonding helical reinforcement bars into masonry walls. This non-shrink masonry repair grout rapidly develops compressive strength. Advanced polymers improve adhesion and reduce the rate of water evaporation, allowing the crystal structure to keep growing and continue to build strength.

The fully cured polymer-modified mortar has enhanced tensile strength, flexural strength, water resistance, and chemical resistance. Additionally, the polymer in the mortar helps restrain micro-crack propagation, which improves the overall toughness of the mortar

WHO 60 grout can be pumped and injected by mortar gun or applied by trowel. It is supplied on pallets of 72 tubs




Physical Properties Strength
Compressive Strength – 7 days 35N/mm²
Compressive – 28 days 55N/mm²
Tensile Strength – 28 days 5N/mm²
Flexural Strength – 28 days 12N/mm²
Young’s modulus (fully cured) 13kN/mm²


TYPICAL PERFORMANCE LOADS 400mm bar-embedment length in WHO 60 Grout

Bar Diameter
Bars per Joint Tension Load
6mm Single Bar 8.39kN
7mm Single Bar 9.75kN
8mm Single Bar 11.06kN
9mm Single Bar 11.50kN
6mm Double Bar 16.00kN
7mm Double Bar 17.65kN
8mm Double Bar 17.65kN
5mm Triple Bar 14.34kN

Note: Single bars bedded 20mm deep: Double bars placed 15 & 25mm deep: Triple bars buried 10, 20 & 30mm deep. Height of slot at least 3mm greater than the diameter of crack stitching bars. Depth of slot 35-40mm. All bars bonded in WHO 60 polymer-modified grout


TYPICAL PERFORMANCE LOADS for retrofit brick beams (taken from BRE Testing, including conservative factors of safety)


Depth of Beam

300mm 450mm 600mm
21.8kN 21.8kN 21.8kN
16.4kN 16.4kN 16.4kN
13.1kN 13.1kN 13.1kN
10.9kN 10.9kN 10.9kN
9.4kN 9.4kN 9.4kN
-N/A- 8.2kN 8.2kN
-N/A- 7.3kN 7.3kN

Brick beams were formed by installing two chords of double 6mm bar bedded in WHO 60 Grout. Bars extended 500mm on either side of the opening (span). The depth of the beam is the distance between each chord of double-helical bars. Loads are in kN/m run.


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