Fixing pitched warm roof insulation

Thor Helical manufacture the Super-7 fastener for fixing pitched warm roof insulation above the roofing rafters. Designed specifically for use in warm roof construction, the headless helical nails fix counter battens to softwood pitched roof rafters to ‘sandwich’ a layer of insulation between.

The structural loads on a pitched warm roof are carried by counter-battens, which are fixed on top of the insulation, parallel to the rafters. The fastening system used to fix the counter-battens to the rafter needs to resist wind suction loads, compressive loads from the weight of the roof covering, and the sliding loads, which is a function of tile weight, snow loads, slope of the roof and the thickness of the insulation layer.

Thor Helical Super-7 nails offer a rapid and reliable method of fixing pitched warm roof insulation above rafters. They are manufactured from stainless steel and are engineered with a patented precise pitch twin-start helix that delivers maximum corrosion resistance and excellent holding power. When hammered-in the fixings corkscrew through the counter-batten and the insulation layer, into the rafters. The self-tapping helix grips securely into both timber members to create a stand-off connection that has excellent holding power in both tension and compression

The Super-7 helical fastener has a larger cross sectional area than other warm roof fixings, giving it greater ability to resist the bending moments caused by sliding loads. This makes them more economical than other helical nails as typically fewer are required.

When fixing pitched warm roof insulation it is vital that the warm roof fixings are driven square and are guided to hit the central section of the rafter, which is hidden beneath the insulation. The use of our patented guide-tool vertically aligns and centres the helical nail on the counter-batten to rafter arrangement, improving build quality.

What makes the Thor Helical Super-7 warm roof fixing a cut above the rest?

  • Higher performance than other brands of warm roof batten fixings
  • More economical than other helical nails as typically fewer are required
  • Resists greater sliding loads – CSA of 10mm2 is 20% greater than that of the Inskew 600
  • Suitable for insulation thickness of up to 150mm
  • BRE approved calculator for nail density in fixing pitched warm roof insulation visit
  • Compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations and the technical requirements of the NHBC
  • Patented precise pitch engineering delivers a two-start helix with unrivalled consistency and performance
  • Patented guide tool system for improved build quality
  • Corkscrew action alleviates splitting of joists or rafters
  • Quick and easy hammer-in installation