Warm Roof Fixings

Thor Helical Super-7 warm roof fixings are manufactured from stainless steel and are engineered with a patented precision helix. The larger 7mm nails providing excellent holding power and enhanced resistance to bending.


Thor Helical manufacture warm roof fixings for securing up to 150mm of insulation above timber rafters in energy efficient buildings. The Super-7 nails are used to sandwich a layer of insulation between counter-battens and softwood rafters in warm roof construction. Once fixed the counter-battens become the structural members to which tile battens can be nailed.

In addition to resisting compression from roof loads and tension from wind load suction, warm roof fixings must also carry bending moments from sliding loads.  The bending moment on the fixing is determined not only by the weight of the roof and the angle of pitch but also by the insulation-filled gap between the rafter and the counter-batten; the off-set shear load.

Super-7 warm roof fixings have a cross sectional area that is more than 20% greater than that of the Inskew 600.  The additional mass not only delivers extra resistance to roof weight and wind loads but give a huge performance advantage in resisting bending moments, particularly where thicker insulation boards are used.  When calculated to the same criteria the superior performance of the Super-7 warm roof nails reduce overall build costs by virtue of less nailing when fixing deep warm roof insulation above rafters.

Visit www.heliCalc.co.uk to calculate correct size and quantity of warm roofing nails and to ensure your specific warm roof construction meets with BS 6399 Pts 2 & 3 and applicable Euro-codes.

Super-7 warm roof fixings have been independently & comprehensively tested to meet with the technical requirements of the NHBC when used with HeliCalc (a BRE approved design method).

Super-7 warm roof fixings are supplied in lots of 2500 and can be packed in distributor-supplied boxes or in resale bags of 50.

For fixing warm roof insulation it is imperative that the fixing is installed into the middle third of the rafter, which is hidden beneath the insulation board. Thor Helical recommends the use of its patented alignment tool to ensure the build quality of the warm roof construction.


The 7mm ø Thor Helical warm roof batten fixings are manufactured from AISI304 Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Super-7 warm roofing nails are supplied in lengths of; 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220 & 230mm. They are suitable for use with insulation boards ranging from 50mm to 150mm thick



Product Attributes
Diameter 7mm
CSA 10mm2
0.2% Proof Stress >880N/mm2
Ultimate Tensile Strength* 1025-1225N/mm2
Mean Tensile Capacity # 11kN

* Ultimate Tensile Strength is measured within a calibrated tolerance of +/- 2%
# Mean Tensile Capacity is an indicative value derived from CSA x Mean UTS

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