Warm Roof Fixing Tool

Warm Roof Fixing Tool

A handy guide tool for use with Super-7 warm roof fixing nails.  The tool improves build quality by helping the user to nail into a rafter that is hidden from his view below a layer of insulation



Thor Helical supplies a patented warm roof fixing tool to help roofing contractors improve build quality when constructing a pitched warm roof.  The tool overcomes the issues of fixing counter-battens to the central portion of the rafters, which are hidden from view by a layer of insulation.

The bottom of the warm roof fixings tool has a double-ledge arrangement which sits snugly on both 37 and 50mm wide counter-battens.  A fixing is dropped into the tool whereupon it is automatically centered on the batten.  The tool guides the fixing, as it is hammered squarely through the counter-batten, and aligns it to the central portion of a rafter’s upper surface.

The warm roof fixing tool helps to improve build quality.  It is licensed under Patent No. GB2426949 for use exclusively with Thor Helical Super-7mm warm roof nails.


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