fixing insulation to walls with battens

The Thor Helical Airtwist fixing offers a quick and easy way of fastening a continuous layer of insulation to internal walls using vertical battens. The self-tapping helical fastener corkscrews through the batten, on through the insulating layer and into brick or blockwork, fixing insulation to walls by sandwiching it securely between the studs and the masonry.

There are two options available for fixing an uninterrupted and airtight layer of internal wall insulation. The first option is where insulation is fixed directly to the wall. This method utilises a laminated sheet of insulated plasterboard. The second is where insulation is held to the wall by timber battens, onto which plasterboard is fixed. Fixing insulation between battens does not form a continuous and airtight insulation layer.

The Airtwist fastener is a one-piece fixing, with a 7mm diameter two-start helix. When hammer-driven, the fastener corkscrews into timber and masonry materials to deliver a mechanical fix that grips both the wood batten on one side of the insulation and the brick wall on the other side. Hammer-driven helical fixings have the unique ability to bridge and maintain gaps. This stand-off feature allows the fastener to rigidly secure the batten to the wall without squashing the insulating material.

The use of a small 5mm pilot hole and an SDS hammer-drill adaptor makes using the Airtwist fastener a much quicker system for fixing insulation to walls with battens than methods that use conventional plugs and screws. When fixings battens to aircrete no pre-drilling is necessary; simply hammer in the fixing to further speed up installation.