Timber frame wall ties secures brickwork to timber-framed structures

Tying Timber Frame Buildings

Thor Helical manufacture flexible wall ties for tying timber frame structures to brick facades in new buildings up to 4 stories high.  The fixings can also be used for retrofit applications.

The stainless steel helical ties are hammered through the insulation and directly into timber studs where they cork-screw in to provide a secure connection.  The timber-frame tie is encapsulated within the mortar bed at the outer leaf connection.  A continuous deep-trough helix ensures a good grip within the mortar and delivers multiple drip points between the timber frame and the masonry wall.

Ties can be hammered in  manually or with the aid of a rapid SDS setting tool.

Standard lengths:

  • 180mm ties for 75mm cavity
  • 205mm ties for 100mm cavity
  • 230mm ties for 125mm cavity
  • 255mm ties for 150mm cavity

What makes the Thor Helical timber frame tie a cut above the rest?

  • Patented precise pitch engineering delivers product consistency with unrivaled performance.
  • Suitable for tying timber frame buildings with wide cavities – up to 150mm.
  • Thor Helical timber frame wall ties conform to BS EN 845-1 and conditions for CE marking according to Annex ZA.1.  They also meet the requirements for a Type 6 tie for cavity widths ranging from 60mm up to 150mm.
  • The ties have a nominal diameter of 5mm and a cross sectional area of just 6.25mm2, making the Thor Helical timber frame tie the most flexible helical wall tie on the market with the lowest heat loss potential.