Heavy-duty masonry pinning is now quick and easy with the Thor Helical long-series 12mm CD Wall Tie. The self-tapping, mechanical fix tie straps the perimeter wall of a building to walls running perpendicular to it, adding strength and lateral restraint at masonry abutments.

It is common for the facade wall of a building to bow or buckle and to pull away at the corner of cracked or poorly bonded partition walls. Historically repairs have been made using right-angled batt-straps to reconnect brickwork at the weakened wall junctions. These strapping repairs, although successful, are often impractical and intrusive and result in costly repair works to replace plaster and wall decorations.

In more recent times, adopting new techniques that use long cement-bonded reinforcement bars from the outside of a building to reinforce wall junctions eliminates the need for disruptive internal work and the associated re-decoration. However, pumping cement into boreholes is messy and slow. Additionally, cement-based products are unusable in extreme temperatures and incompatible with structures built with lime mortars.

The Thor Helical 12mm CD Tie overcomes these problems, fixing outer facades to party walls or perpendicular partitions without bonding agents. The twin-start drive-in helical wall ties have work-hardened blades that corkscrew into small pilot holes formed in the brick, block or stone when driven with an SDS hammer-drill and purpose-made drive adaptor. The tie grips the brickwork along the entire length of the helix to provide a mechanically fixed tension strap that reconnects and strengthens the masonry junction/ abutment.

What makes the Thor Helical 12mm strapping tie a cut above the rest?

  • Suitable for heavy-duty masonry pinning with no internal disruption
  • No requirement for bonding agents.
  • Suitable for use in situations where cement grouts cause material compatibility issues
  • Suitable for use in extreme temperatures temperatures
  • The high-speed installation is typically 10 x faster than for cement-bonded reinforcement bars.
  • Small 8mm entry hole for minimal disfiguration of masonry (10mm for engineering brick and the like)
  • Patented precise pitch engineering delivers a two-start helix with unrivalled consistency and performance.
  • Patented pinning system with unique tie-driving shank
  • Patented SDS recessed setting tool is safe, reliable, easy to use and low cost
  • CE marking according to BS EN 845-1 2013 and  National Annex NA when used as a ‘Driven Strapping Tie.’
  • Mean tensile load greater than 8kN at 215mm embedment.