SDS Adapter Tools

SDS Adapter Tools

A complete set of power adapters for speeding installation rates by utilising the impact action from SDS hammer drills.  Nail products may be installed with manual hammers or rubber mallets. Wall tie products should always be used with an adapter.



Thor Helical manufactures a range of bespoke SDS adapter tools for installing helical wall ties and fixings.  The tools are designed to transfer the impact force from a lightweight SDS hammer drill.  They provide a rapid method of repetitive hammering to drive the fasteners into brick, masonry and wood.

The range of adapters include a selection of patented setting tools with an axial recess.  One end of the adapter is engaged within the chuck of a roto-hammer drill and the recessed end is engaged with the driving end of the fastener. The energized drill powers the SDS adapter, which in turn hammers-in the fasteners.  The setting tools have several advantages over the cumbersome, expensive and unreliable telescopic tools. Thor Helical SDS adapters have been engineered to be cost effective, extremely durable, highly effective, safe and easy to use.


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