Wall Tie Tester

The Thor Helical wall tie tester has been developed to carry-out tensile pull out tests on our range of wall ties and fixings.  A deflection needle facilitates the measuring of load deflection movements.  A selection of keys are available to fit the appropriate helical tie, which range from 5mm to 12mm in diameter.



The Thor Helical wall tie tester is designed for use by wall tie installers, or their supervisors, to carry out on-site pull out tests.  The test unit comprises a 3.5kN (800 lbf) tension tester and an adapter key for testing helical wall ties

The tester has an integral bridging unit that houses a mechanical pulling arrangement; it incorporates a hydraulic load cell that measures the tension forces being applied to the test sample.  The design of the tension test unit allows the fastener-holding capacity to be measured at its connection to the facade or outer wall and the hidden backup or inner wall layer.

The wall tie tester is used for quality control during the installation of a remedial tie system.   The tester can also be used by specifying professionals to determine the suitability of a specific product for a wall tie installation scheme.  A deflection gauge can be used in combination with the tie tester to measure deflection at given loads.  A selection of test keys are available for use with this unit

Wall tie tester units are sold in boxes of 4.  Each tester is packed in a carrying bag containing the pull-out tester, a ‘tommy-bar’ and a pull test key of your choice.

How to test helical wall ties in both walls of a masonry cavity wall structure.

Part 1: Tension testing at the facade wall connection.


Part 2: Pull-out testing at the hidden inner wall connection.


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