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Thor Helical manufacture a selection of replacement wall ties for use in existing buildings.  They are used for a range of renovation tasks including for wall tie replacement projects, tying brick arches and securing rubble filled walls.

The hammer-in self tapping masonry ties have been independently tested. They conform to EN845-1:2013 and meet the conditions for CE marking when installed into in all common building materials.

The ties work by corkscrewing into brick, block and concrete, delivering a mechanical fix that grips each layer of wall.  A small pilot hole is required for installation into all masonry substrates apart from aerated concrete.

The unique tying system is protected by three international patents that offer benefits over alternative helical wall tie systems.

  • Precise pitch engineering. A novel manufacturing process which produces ties that engineered to tolerances that cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing methods. The result delivers a two-start self-tapping helical tie that that cuts highly accurate and diametrically opposed threads in the building material.  The precise interlock connection delivers unequaled product performance.
  • Tie configuration. A unique drive-shank formation on one end of the tie that permits the use of short, robust and low-cost tooling. This system eases use, offers safer working conditions and reduces overall system costs.
  • Small diameter drive adapter. A setting tool having an axial recess that confines the drive-shank end of the replacement wall ties.  The SDS driven tool enables the tie to be aligned, driven and recessed in one simple process, without using cumbersome, costly and unreliable telescopic tools.

The worlds best selling replacement wall ties

Our replacement wall ties have been developed through a program of continuous product improve spanning more than 30 years.  They are the best-selling retrofit tie system across Europe, North America, Australasia, Asia and South Africa.


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