securing quoins and corner stones

Securing quoins and corner-stones to adjacent masonry walls is quick and easy using the Thor Helical concealed strapping tie system. Sturdy 12mm helical ties mechanically fix corner-stones and brick quoin corners to the perimeter walls of a building, locking the quoins in place and adding strength at external corners of buildings.

Quoin stones are traditionally formed to make up the external corners of large houses and public buildings. They are constructed in some cases to provide additional strength for a wall built with inferior material. In other cases they simply make an architectural feature of a corner, creating an impression of durability and strength. Stone quoins are used on stone or brick buildings. Brick quoins are typically used on brick buildings in such a way as to give the appearance of prominent masonry blocks.

The layout of quoins creates a series of long vertical joints adjacent to the masonry of the adjoining walls such they do not bond well. To prevent the quoins becoming unstable, rotating or separating from the main walls, following differential movement, Thor Helical have developed an effective and concealed method of securing unbonded quoins.

Quoin stones can be fixed to adjacent masonry walls using a heavy duty self-tapping helical tie rod driven through the quoin and deep into the masonry. A small pilot hole is drilled into the masonry and a 12mm heavy duty tie rod is hammer-driven into the hole. The two-start helical tie corkscrews into the masonry to provide a concealed mechanical interlock connection, securing the quoins in place and preventing rotation or separation.

What makes the Thor Helical 12mm tie a cut above the rest?

  • Suitable for securing quoins at high speed
  • Grout-free connection alleviates material compatibility issues and permits use in freezing temperatures
  • Small entry hole for concealing the repair
  • Patented precise pitch engineering delivers a two-start helix with unrivalled pitch consistency and holding performance.
  • Patented pinning system with unique tie-driving shank
  • Safe, reliable, easy to use and low cost SDS setting tool (patent pending).

Thor Helical 12mm mechanical CD ties conform to conditions for CE marking according to BS EN 845-1 2013 and meet the requirements National Annex NA for having a tensile load capacity of at least 8kN