Insulation Fixings

Insulation anchors for fixing insulation boards. Thor Helical introduce the Insofast range of fasteners for fitting insulation to walls, ceilings and roofs.

Insofast anchors combine the reliability advantages associated with conventional spiral fixings with a selection of washer-like head portions that provide the means by which composite insulation laminates are securely clamped to a building structure. The range includes various metal insulation fixings for anchoring fire-proof insulation to concrete soffits and masonry.

When hammer driven the helical fasteners cork-screw through the insulation layer into a wide variety of building materials including brick, concrete, thermal block and timber. These patented insulation anchors are ideal for fixing insulation in new construction or for retrofit applications when fitting insulated boards to existing buildings.

  • Fire resistant external wall insulation fixings for fastening EWI systems and horizontal fire barriers to masonry walls. Available in stainless steel and zinc plated steel, these insulation anchors compliment combustible plastic fastening systems. One non-combustible mechanical fixing should be used to each square meter of insulation slab in order to meet fire performance requirements.
  • Quick, easy to use and reliable fixings for composite insulation panels.  These flat roof insulation fixings nail 6mm plywood-faced insulation boards to rafters in warm deck applications.  They are supplied in stainless steel or zinc plated steel versions.
  • Fire resistant mechanical fixings for insulated plasterboard, which ensure stability of boards in a fire. Can be used to compliment or replace plasterboard adhesives.  Supplied in stainless steel or plated carbon steel
  • Insofast ISF-35 Soffit insulation board fixings are used to anchor insulation to concrete ceilings in fire-resistant applications. Greater performance and less cold bridging than 8mm tubular insulation support anchors. Supplied in a choice of stainless Steel or zinc plated steel versions
  • Thor Helical Super-7 warm roof fixings are manufactured from stainless steel and are engineered with a patented precision helix. The larger 7mm nails providing excellent holding power and enhanced resistance to bending.


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