Lateral Restraints

  • Helical strap ties are long-series 12mm CD ties that act as tension straps to connect the facade of a building to a wall that runs perpendicular to it.  Installation of this lateral restraint system is at least ten times quicker to drill and fix compared with cement-grouted tying techniques.  The tension tie is ideal for pinning masonry arches, quoins and thick rubble-filled walls and meets the requirements of EN 845-1 and conditions for UKCA and CE marking.
  • Grout ties bond into masonry walls with a high strength polymer modified grout to connect cracking or separating masonry.  The deep peaks and troughs of the helix provide an excellent key between the stainless steel reinforcing rod and the cement-based grout.
  • Thor Helical CD Ties have a circumscribed diameter of 9mm, a pointed leading end and a unique drive-shank end. The tie has a two-start helix thread, each having a precise twist accuracy. This patented wall tie replacement system offers cost-effectiveness and safe to use tooling. CD Ties conform to EN 845-1, meeting UKCA and CE Marking conditions for use as a tie for connecting cavity walls and a tension tie for solid walls.
  • Lateral restraint ties secure bowing walls to structural timbers that run parallel to them. Fully concealed with minimum disturbance this product provides a quick, easy and reliable solution to the problem of restraining bulging wall.


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