• A remedial wall tie system that utilises resin to give an adhesive connection in both leaves of a cavity wall structure.  Ideal for poor quality brickwork on domestic properties.  Should not be used where fire-performance restrictions apply.
  • Lateral restraint ties secure bowing walls to structural timbers that run parallel to them. Fully concealed with minimum disturbance this product provides a quick, easy and reliable solution to the problem of restraining bulging wall.
  • Thor Helical CD Ties have a circumscribed diameter of 9mm, a pointed leading end and a unique drive-shank end. The tie has a two-start helix thread, each having a precise twist accuracy. This patented wall tie replacement system offers cost-effectiveness and safe to use tooling. CD Ties conform to EN 845-1, meeting UKCA and CE Marking conditions for use as a tie for connecting cavity walls and a tension tie for solid walls.
  • Helical strap ties are long-series 12mm CD ties that act as tension straps to connect the facade of a building to a wall that runs perpendicular to it.  Installation of this lateral restraint system is at least ten times quicker to drill and fix compared with cement-grouted tying techniques.  The tension tie is ideal for pinning masonry arches, quoins and thick rubble-filled walls and meets the requirements of EN 845-1 and conditions for UKCA and CE marking.
  • A Type 6 retrofit wall tie system for brick-clad timber-framed structures up to 4 stories in height.  The 5mm diameter tie has a two-start helix thread each having a patented twist accuracy. When hammer-driven the ties corkscrew into timber studs to deliver a mechanical fix.  The other end of the tie is chemically bonded to the brick façade


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