Following successful trials on several of Italy’s prestige historic buildings Thor Helical are pleased to announce the launch of their new long-series masonry anchor pin. With a helix measuring 12mm in diameter, the anchor is the largest grout-free, hammer-driven masonry fixing in the world.

The heavy-duty drive-in helical pins are available in three lengths 610mm (24″), 760mm (30″) and 910mm (36″). The masonry anchors are hammer-driven into an 8 or 10mm pilot bore to deliver a reliable mechanical under-cut connection with minimum disturbance to the building structure.

Italy has more World Heritage Sites than any other country on earth.  It also has an estimated 100,000 monuments (museums, palaces, buildings, statues, churches, art galleries, villas, fountains, historic houses and archaeological remains) and an ever decreasing budget with which to preserve this rich cultural heritage.  Government authorities were keen to find a deep masonry reinforcement anchor system that was both cost effective and sympathetic to the materials of these historic structures, something that our new grout-free masonry anchoring pin has provided in abundance.

The benefits of using our grout-free 12mm masonry pins include:

  • No material compatibility issues on old houses or listed buildings having lime mortars
  • No installation temperature restrictions
  • At least twice as strong in compression, tension and shear than alternative helical fixings
  • 8-10 times quicker to install than ties that are fixed using chemical bonded agents
  • Less disturbance to the structure than with any other deep pinning system

In addition to reinforcing ancient or listed buildings these versatile retrofit masonry connectors and be used for tying modern masonry facades to party walls, securing loose quoins or cornerstones, tying thick stone or rubble filled walls, pining masonry arches or to reinforcing parapet walls.

Thor Helical long-series masonry anchor pins are manufactured from AISI316 grade Stainless Steel and are available exclusively from our international network of distribution partners.