The Thor Helical remedial wall tie system is patented in Australia, China, Europe, UK and the United States.  The Patents cover an innovative and unique helical fastener and tooling arrangement. This arrangement offers wall tie installers a faster, safer and more cost effective method of fixing retrofit brick ties into most common building materials.

Product Development

‘Hammer driven helical fixings have been available since I first designed them more than 30 years ago’ says product inventor W H Ollis. ‘Until recently the ties have been driven with cumbersome and expensive power tool adapters that have a history of reliability and safety issues.  The key to the success of the new CD Tie system is the design of a small driving shank on one end of the tie. This shank enables a less expensive and more reliable tool to be used to drive the tie rapidly, reliably and safely.

The retrofit wall ties are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel.  The work-hardened helical ties are hammered into brick, masonry, concrete and timber.  The helical shape forces the tie to corkscrew into a wall as it is hammer-driven.  The hammer blows are delivered by a low cost setting tool which sits in an SDS hammer drill.  The tool drives the tie until it is recessed beneath the surface of the masonry.  This wall tie system was developed and honed over a 2 year period on major wall tie replacement projects carried out in London, Amsterdam, Sidney and Chicago.

The remedial wall tie system patent is the latest of a series of international patents granted in recognition of the Thor Helical ethos of continuous product development and improvement.